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When is a Pothole Not A Pothole?

by Ian Shires on 26 July, 2009

Last week whilst out helping deliver Focus in Short Heath ward I noticed a sizable pothole in Sandbeds Road as you approach the War Memorial by the junction with Haley Street.

Either side of the pothole you could see that the road surface was cracking up due to wear and tear. So being a good citizen I took a photograph of the offending bit of road and reported it to the council.

I was shocked at the response I got. Apparently it doesn’t meet the council’s standard to warrant action. For a repair to be ordered a pothole must be at least 4cm deep.  The one in Sandbeds Road was just over 3cm!

I was reassured that they would keep an eye on it. Needless to say I will be taking this matter further.

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