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Lib Dems Demand Major Rethink on Repairing Walsall’s Roads

by Ian Shires on 1 March, 2010

Short Heath Liberal Democrat Focus Team has reported the “craters” in Stroud Avenue near its junction with Furzebank Way along with numerous other potholes in roads across Willenhall.

Seems it would be easier to list roads which were not affected by a combination of severe weather combined with a failure of Walsall Council to invest in roads across the Borough.

The Council’s response to the deteriorating situation of its roads is to send a truck round, chuck a bit of tar in the hole and get a workman to jump up and down on it, at least that’s what it seems like.

The Council tell us that these are temporary repairs. Permanent reinstatement’s will be carried out once the weather improves so they say.

The thing that concerns local Liberal Democrats is that these reinstatement’s will be carried out in the same priority order as was the gritting during the past month or so.

If this is the case then “craters” like those in Stroud Avenue will be with us for months to come as although the road is a major bus route and carries a lot of through traffic, it’s not classed as a major route and as such will come well down the list when it comes to a permanent reinstatement.

Focus Team councillors are to write to Highways Chiefs demanding a rethink on repairs to what are considered to be some of the worst roads in the West Midlands. 

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