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Road Safety Petitions Presented to Walsall Council by Lib Dems

by Ian Shires on 10 January, 2012

Petitions were handed in to last night’s Full Council meeting at Walsall calling on the Council to improve road safety measures around four schools in the Willenhall area.

Liberal Democrat councillor Doreen Shires presented a petition signed by around 200 people calling for improvements to road safety measures in Pool Hayes Lane and Castle Drive to protect pupils attending Pool Hayes Primary School in Bridgnorth Grove and Pool Hayes Performing Arts School in Castle Drive .

Liberal Democrat councillor Ian Shires presented a petition signed by around 180 people calling for a “School Zone” to be established in Cannock Road to improve road safety for pupils attending New Invention Junior and New Invention Infants Schools.

Both sets of petitions are ongoing. If you support these moves and live in the area or have children who attend these schools and want to sign the ongoing petitions please contact us via the “Contact” button above.

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