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Fighting Anti Social Behaviour in Willenhall North

by Ian Shires on 5 February, 2012

Out on site visits Friday checking out anti social behaviour issues on Sneyd Park and Coppice Farm. Action plans being drawn up by all agencies involved.

Other activity last week  in the battle against anti social behaviour across the North Willenhall area including Squires Grove and alleyway next to 284 Lichfield Road.


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  1. Giuseppe Zangaro says:

    What is happening with the anti social motor bike riding that happens on a weekly basis. This happens in the hawthorne road and johnson road area in Short Heath every week.
    Children are playing out , and people walking dogs when these morons ride around without a care, as they know they wont get caught.
    I’ve complained to the council, and nothing has been done.
    It can be solved simply by changing or blocking the barriers , that do not prevent them getting through.

    • Ian Shires says:

      Hi Giuseppe,
      Would be good to meet so that I can get a few more details. Are you able to get to one of my surgeries. I hold two, one is every Friday 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm At Oakwood Lodge, 51 Chaucer Ave, Willenhall WV12 5JR. The other is every Tuesday at The Hive (Former New Invention Library), The Square, Lichfield Rd, Willenhall WV12 5EA or I could call round to yours at a time to suit us both. Text me on 07778 962220 or email me at shiresi2012@gmail.com with your address and a couple of dates/times that suits you best.
      Kind regards

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