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Health – Mechanisms in place to make a real difference

by Ian Shires on 7 February, 2012

Some really interesting data showing the East / West divide on health issues across Walsall which manifests itself in an 8 year life expectancy difference across our borough, a point which Liberal Democrats on the Council have made on numerous occasions.

Bringing “Public Health” back under the jurisdiction of local councils gives us the opportunity to influence decisions in order to tackle this problem. The mechanisms are in place, now is the time to start to make a real difference.


2 Responses

  1. martin says:

    Does that mean the ‘leisure’ centres will be open for longer, or staffed by friendlier people, or cost less to use, or be cleaned and repaired a bit more often?
    It would be nice to think so, but judging by the fact that the largest leisure centre has a fast food outlet in the car park and most of the centres still have potentially dangerous sun beds in them, I doubt it.

  2. Ian Shires says:

    You are right, there’s a mountain to climb following years of Labour and Tory centralism. The coalition has given back democratic control of “Public Health” issues. It is very early days yet, the panel has only met once so let’s give them a chance before doubting their abilities.

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