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“Steptoe and Son” – Council Style

by Ian Shires on 8 February, 2012

Walsall Council collects our household rubbish, recycling and garden waste. What is stopping them from collecting our scrap iron?

No, I’m serious about this! Why shouldn’t the Council, either directly or at arms length through owner operators, take this issue by the scruff of the neck and go into the scrap business? By doing this the issue of who should or should not be collecting our scrap iron etc would be solved overnight.

Residents would know that those collecting their unwanted metal goods could be trusted. The only vehicles licensed for this purpose would be displaying the Council logo, and there would be no need for a charge as I’m told scrap metal is “a good little earner”. The cash the Council received for your scrap would go towards improving or sustaining services, so residents would be doing their bit towards recycling and helping to improve services.

Worth thinking about isn’t !!


3 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Amazingly good idea. Just strip out the layers of ‘management’ that will no doubt be put in place and it could be a runner. Or, get Links to Work to take it on or has the caring conservative group closed them down.

  2. Ian Shires says:

    A work group was set up by Environment Scrutiny back in November to look at the issue of “Metal Theft”. I think it’s met once and so far has agreed its “Terms of Reference”. Talk about paint and dry!!

  3. Simon walters says:

    Hear hear, instead of rising council taxes to fund all the managers and pa’ S and pa’ S who have pa’s that’s we’ll over what extra money income they could have instead of higher bills for people, and it could also help with collecting the grass from our fields so we could actually use them for more than just walking across as well as it looking a TOTAL eyesore

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