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Parking restrictions appear out of the blue

by Ian Shires on 17 February, 2012

Double yellow lines have appeared this week by Gregg’s at “The Square”, New Invention. No consultation. No notification. The council just went ahead and did it. How arrogant is that from a Tory administration which purports to believe in Localism?

Yes there are problems with parking in the area, something we are trying to do something about. But action such as this, taken in isolation without consultation with local people, businesses and councillors isn’t going to resolve things. it just moves the problem around the corner.

A word with local councillors would have revealed that there are ideas being discussed about setting up a “Park and Ride” scheme at “The Square” which would set up designated drop off points (like by Gregg’s), Short stay (up to 3 hrs.) at the front of “The Square” with all day long stay parking to the rear.

Admittedly this idea is in its early stages, but even so, taking the action they have incurs an unnecessary cost and smacks of arrogance as decisions such as this should be taken at a local level, not from the centre!

This opens up a whole new discussion around the effectiveness of Local Area Partnerships. Local Liberal Democrats want to see these have some teeth involving local people in decisions which affect their local environment. Under Walsall’s Tory Administration they are centralist and nothing more than talking shops. No wonder people feel disengaged from the political system!!


2 Responses

  1. John R overtake says:

    Who agrees to put these yellow lines down without consulting poeple who live nearby ? They have put them in longwood rise outside my no 4 when because of the size of the street it needed yellow lines just on the one side so as the traffic can get thru because they are double parking i want them removed from outside my house as the are a nuisance to me . They can allow drop curbs on Stroud ave then why do I have to have yellow lines I don’t want outside my house ?

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