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Friends of Rough Wood

by Ian Shires on 15 March, 2012

Friends of Rough Wood met Tuesday evening. As usual it was well attended and it was good to see observers from another group from the Fibbersley Nature Reserve also at the meeting.

The high note of the evening was the presentation of a cheque of over £500 by PCSO Suki Lali accompanied by Sgt Booker of  Willenhall Police to help fund projects within the Rough Wood Country Park. Very popular; big thank you for the support was the message from members.

Other business of the evening included a report back from Walsall Council’s Green Spaces Team in the area on the progress of essential woodland work over the winter months most of which has been completed.

The group are looking to introduce informal seating at vantage points on the many trails through the wood and country park. A good use for felled trees was the general feeling of the meeting.

The cutting back of brambles within the wood is showing benefits as native bluebells continue to re-establish themselves. Organised litter picks will continue and concentrate initially on the Bentley Hay area of the country park. This work will include the use of Community Payback teams.

On the downside, the problem of motorbikes within the country park has once again reared its ugly head. The most annoying thing about this sort of anti social behaviour is that just round the corner from Rough Wood there is a dedicated track for off road bikes and the message from the group was use that not the wood. Police have been informed and if those responsible persist they will find that there bikes will be seized and crushed.

With the onset of the lighter evenings the problem of alcohol and young people drinking too much of it has begun to re appear, in particular in the area around the car park in Hunts Lane. Walsall Safer Borough Partnership, the Police and the Area Partnership Team have been informed.

The group next plan to meet on Tuesday 24th April at 7.30pm in the “Duke of Cambridge” in Coltham Road. It’s a real ale community pub making it not  just a meeting, more like a social event.


2 Responses

  1. Dear All,
    I am concerned about the rear of number 44 Woodside way, it as been cleared of all its trees and shrubs and is used to light fires and access to number 46 side back fence and cutting my tree back. Saying it was over hanging the wood.

    I would appreciate it if a member of Friends of Rough Wood
    take a look and give me and would be kind enough to give me their opinion on this matter.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mrs Carol Turner

    • Ian Shires says:

      Hi Carol
      Have asked the question of the Council. You should get a response shortly. If you don’t, or you’re not happy with the answer you get, please get back to me.

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