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Youth Provision Sucks!!

by Ian Shires on 29 August, 2012

One thing is pretty clear from talking with young people around our area, youth provision sucks!!

That is why Lib Dem Councillors, as part of the Coalition running Walsall Council, have placed “Improvements to Youth Provision” firmly within the Coalition Agreement.

It won’t happen overnight as it needs to be properly thought through and planned if it is to be successful. The Coalition Agreement, ratified by the Cabinet, envisages the plan to be up and running by early 2014.

Initial groundwork shows that things aren’t as grim as they look at first glance. There is a fair bit going on across our area for young people. The problem is communicating this to them.

Accessing some of the activities is also difficult as public transport is not good after about 6 in an evening.

In the short term the plan is to publicise activities for young people. So we would like to hear from you if you run  or attend regular events or activities

This information will collated with that being gathered by the Council and given publicity through a number of channels. By March 2014 it is planned to have a permanent base where young people across the area can get information and advice on a whole range of events, activities, training opportunities, carriers and health issues.

We are also looking at ways in which transport links can be improved to enable young people to be more mobile so that they do not miss out out on opportunities which might come their way.

None of this will work without you!

If you are a young person, let us know your views, your experiences, what activities and services you use or would use if you could. If you help run activities and services for young people, or would like to get involved in developing new ideas, either way, hit the contact button above, e-mail us or drop us a line.

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