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Forest Gate – Missed bin collections. Why? Lib Dems demand to know!

by Ian Shires on 14 July, 2015

BinsWillenhall Liberal Democrat Councillors are getting some disturbing comments about irregular bin collections from the Forest gate area of Willenhall North.

The collection day should be a Thursday, has been for some time now but recently residents are reporting that their bins are out all day and not collected till the Friday without any explanation being offered.

To make matters worse, last week there was no collection at all and when residents phoned Clean and Green for an explanation they were less than impressed with the unhelpful answer they got.

I suppose the good news if you can call it that is that those affected can leave out 3 extra bags as well as the bins if necessary. But that’s not the point, collection day is supposed to be a Thursday! People are told that bins shouldn’t be put out overnight yet here we are with a situation where bins are left all day without any information as to why they were not collected or as to when the collection will actually take place.

Willenhall Liberal Democrat councillors have sent a strongly worded email to Clean and Green demanding an explanation and a resolution to this deterioration in this most contentious of issues.

If you live in the Willenhall area of Walsall and have been experiencing similar problems let the Lib Dem Team know by messaging us via this website.

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