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Owners refute residents complaints over noisy PA system at filling station

by Ian Shires on 14 February, 2017

Express and Star 14/02/2017

You may remember the article we did the other day about residents being up in arms about the noise from the Tannoy system at the Texaco/Nisa Extra on the Lichfield Rd at New Invention. (It got reported in the Express & Star)

You will recall that a PA system was brought into use at the 24 hr filling station and shop to help motorists confused with the new pay at the pump system installed in an attempt to stop the bilking was has been an issue for time.

Cllr Ian Shires approached the manager of the site last week asking if the volume could be turned down as he had received a number of complaints from residents nearby who had been woken up in the early hours and been bothered during the day by the intrusion the PA system causing.

Image result for Texaco Lichfield Rd WillenhallTo cut a long story short the management did not respond to a reasonable request so the Council’s Environmental Health Team paid a visit to the site and made them turn the volume down. There have been further problems over the weekend so Environmental Health have been called out again. The owner is saying that they have viewed the CCTV footage and could find no sign of any issues which could lead to a complaint.

“We are trying to be reasonable here” said Cllr Shires. “I began getting complaints about noise from the PA system just after the new pay at the pump system came into operation last week. People don’t complain just for the sake of it. All the residents want is their peace back. The owner is virtually calling them liars.”

The Council will be monitoring the site before deciding what further action is needed.


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