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Grot Spot Walkabout

by Ian Shires on 17 February, 2017

Went on a walkabout pointing out some of the fly tipping grot spots around New Invention to Walsall Housing Group and Walsall Council’s Clean and Green Team.

It was good to see the partnership working between the two organisations cutting through some of the red tape which has been so frustrating in the past. Both organisations have gone through some painful reorganisation of late but all the hard work seems to have been worth it.

That doesn’t mean that the area will be transformed over night, that’s going to take a change of attitude by a growing minority of people who treat our public spaces as their own personal dustbin.

Officers of both organisations spoke to a number of people about their bad habits and warned that things needed to change.

We also spoke with a number of people who were out and about who seemed genuinely pleased that something was being done and that someone had bothered to listen

More walkabouts are planned for a couple of weeks time and it is hoped that improvement plans will be developed along with a closer working relationship helping to change mind-sets as we work with residents to build a pride in where we live.

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