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Giving our children the best start in life – Change Britain’s future by Saving our Schools

by Ian Shires on 11 May, 2017

I received this email  of Sarah Olney the Liberal Democrats Shadow Education Secretary. Much of what she says resonates with what is happening across Walsall Schools.

Theresa May’s Government is slashing schools’ budgets whilst at the same time miraculously finding the money to open new grammar schools. Schools in Walsall are set to see their budgets slashed by over £19 million at a time when pupil numbers are on the increase. These disturbing facts are being buried  by the noise surrounding Brexit.

The snap General Election called by Mrs May is being used by her and her Tory friends to bury bad news. Don’t let them get away with it.

Dear Ian —

Our children deserve the best start in life.

But unfortunately, because of Conservative cuts, schools up and down the country are taking drastic measures.

One school in Birmingham has had to shorten its school day by 30 minutes; many are considering going down to a four-day week.

Staff cuts are common and more than half of school buildings are in urgent need of repair.

This is a disgrace – and our children deserve better.

And we can do better – today, I’ve unveiled our plan to transform our education system, by investing £7bn more in our schools and colleges over the next Parliament.

You can find out more about our plan here:

The simple fact is, that if the Conservatives win the General Election in June, they will continue to savage our schools with cuts and Labour are too weak and divided to do anything.

We are the only party with a plan to make sure our children get the best start in life – and by doing that, we can change Britain’s future.

You can find out more about how we’ll give our children the best start in life here: www.libdems.org.uk/education-plan

Thank you,

Sarah Olney

Shadow Education Secretary

PS: If you want to change the kind of emails you’re getting about the General Election, or if you’d like fewer emails, you can update your preferences here:libdems.org.uk/ge-optout

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