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Ian Garrett chosen as Lib Dem candidate for Aldridge/Brownhills

by Ian Shires on 12 May, 2017

Walsall Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce details of their Candidates in the upcoming General Election on 8th June

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Aldridge / Brownhills – Ian Garrett  (http://www.libdems.org.uk/ian_garrett )

Ian is a local teacher, who is Head of History at St Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic School, a secondary school right in the heart of Aldridge. He is well known to many local families from his years of teaching students from Aldridge and the surrounding area.

Ian has previously been a local Councillor and candidate for Parliament in the neighbouring borough of Sandwell, and now lives with his family in Birmingham. As a teacher, Ian is passionately committed to seeing schools nurture young people. Education is vital to develop the life chances, of those young people, and Ian wants to see a good education for all, especially those who start life at a disadvantage. This is all the more important now as we face a time of uncertainty and economic confusion.

Only the Liberal Democrats can stand up effectively for a society that celebrates all its members and looks to build a coherent and cohesive future.

“The Brexit vote plunges us into an uncertain future”, Ian says. “I want the Liberal Democrat voice to be heard so that we work for a Britain that looks outward not inward, and where we value the contributions of all, no matter who they are. Only the Liberal Democrats can keep Britain as an open and tolerant country at this time, when those values seem more under threat than for many years.”


Email: ianandjuliagarrett@btinternet.com
Website: ablibdems.focusteam.org.uk
Twitter: twitter.com/ablibdems
Facebook:  facebook.com/aldridgebrownhills.libdems
Telephone:  0121 423 2553

Published and promoted by Roy Sheward on behalf of Ian Garrett, Isabelle Parasram and Anna Wellings Purvis (Liberal Democrats) at: 144 Redhouse Lane, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 0DB. 

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