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Bentley Haye – Travellers moved on

by Ian Shires on 1 August, 2017

Last night the travellers left their unauthorised encampment on Bentley Haye off Bentley Lane in Short Heath. They have destroyed the bund  mound at the entrance and left behind a field scared by tyre tracks and strewn with rubbish. Is it any wonder there is little or no sympathy for their nomadic lifestyle.

The council has secured the site and a clean up is set to begin. Liberal Democrat councillors have suggested that the council should stop cutting the grass on the field and allow it to return to a meadow. It would be more environmentally friendly and would allow the access point off Bentley Lane to be permanently sealed off removing the threat of unauthorised encampments for good on this particular site. The idea seams to be gaining some support from local residents on the Manor Farm Estate.


5 Responses

  1. Karen Brewer says:

    Two points. Firstly why has the tax payer of Walsall have to foot the bill for the clean up, why are they not made to take it with them? After all you have had them captive for almost two weeks. Secondly, leaving the meadow uncut is fine as long as other access points & walkways are maintained, which at the moment is a sore point. The pathway off the meadow & up the stairs has been blocked for over three months with fallen trees & overgrown brambles & weeds, with no sign of any mainrenance as has been the case for over 18 months. So, before this proposal is adopted, please ensure that all parties responsible for the upkeep of this beauty spot are informed for the regularl maintance of all walkways to allow local residents to continue to enjoy it.

    • Ian Shires says:

      I really can understand how you feel and wish that it were possible to do what you suggest. Sadly it’s not possible, sorry.
      Will take on board what you say about the grass cutting and if the council were to stop cutting the field that the travellers were on the money it costs would enable another area of grass in the country park to be cut.

  2. Judith King says:

    Ian, thanks for what you are doing. Unfortunately for an environmentally friendly meadow, you do need to cut in late summer- once or twice, I think. Otherwise brambles, scrub, small trees will start to grow and you will just end up with an inaccessible jungle, not particularly environmentally friendly.

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