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Stroud Avenue – Skip’s gone, at last !

by Ian Shires on 10 August, 2017

The skip by the former Cavalcade site on Stroud Avenue, Short Heath has been removed.

The skip has gone from the what used to be the entrance to the car park of the Cavalcade pub. It took a lot of badgering to get it shifted but finally, a few days ago it went.

Wish the same could be said of the overflow of rubbish from the skip and the rest of the stuff dumped by the mindless few who think nothing of shifting their unwanted stuff onto someone else’s front doorstep.

The owners argued that it wasn’t their rubbish, they’d put the skip there to stop unauthorised access to their land. Eventually sunk home that whose ever the rubbish was it was their problem not the council’s and certainly not the local residents.

Having seen sense the developer removed the skip in time to stop enforcement action being taken. All he has to do now is clean up the mess that’s left. We’d also suggest he’d be doing everyone a favour if he got on with what he said he was going to  with the site – build houses…….

PS to be fair the developer has blocked the access with bollards to prevent unwanted access.



5 Responses

  1. Robin Wilson Edwards says:

    As usual Ian and Dan have come up trumps and continue to work so hard for the local area. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Linda Laguache says:

    You didn’t get it moved.

    • Ian Shires says:

      Sorry Linda but there is an audit trail that shows we did but let’s not argue about it the skips’s gone now we need to get the site cleaned up. Just for the record we have had discussions with officers about this on Friday.

  3. Sue griffiths says:

    Yes clean up the rubbish
    Bit like the rubbish we were told that the houses built wouldn’t overlook current houses in Dursley close what a lie that was
    They do
    Can’t wait for yet more building noise and disruption
    What happened to planned nursing home build

    • Ian Shires says:

      Hi Sue
      The development of the former Meadow House site was a planning application submitted by a private developer at a time when they felt that they could get a private sector business to develop a nursing home on the site. Since then things have changed. Continued austerity measures by the Westminster Government has lead to cutbacks in the NHS which has made the plan for the nursing home to be no longer viable viable. The developer has come forward with an alternative proposition to put housing on the site. Planning permission was given after consultation. Hopefully the developers will get on and complete the works.
      What needs to be remembered is that if we had left it to the developer to do what they liked they would have built a secure facility on the site.

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