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Private rented sector – sorting the good from the bad

by Ian Shires on 11 October, 2017

Walsall’s private rented sector plays an important part in providing much needed housing across the borough. it accounts for almost 12% (12,615) of the accommodation in the borough.

There are numerous high quality landlords and letting agents providing a range of property types throughout the borough to meet a broad range of housing needs.

The borough has been faced with a major increase in private rented accommodation in some areas and it is recognised however, that there are some landlords and agents who either do not provide adequate accommodation or management of their properties.

These properties and poor management have a significant impact on council and partner resources in tackling issues such as anti-social behaviour, dumping of domestic waste, concerns about property condition and harassment and illegal eviction as well as causing health issues for their tenants.

The Labour/Lib Dem controlled cabinet has agreed a range of powers and approaches to tackle many of the issues but the ongoing pressures are such that a new approach; Selective Licensing of private rented properties; has been considered necessary in some parts of the borough where the problems persist, Willenhall being one of them.

A number of drop-in sessions have been arranged for landlords and agents to attend and hear about the plans and be part of the consultation, see below.

Town Centre and adjoining areas map:  Willenhall Area.pdf

Date Time Venue
1st November 10:00 am to 12 noon and 17:30pm-19:30pm Willenhall Chart, Community Hub, 19 Gomer St Willenhall WV13 2NS
1st November 12.30pm-16:00pm Willenhall Market, Market Place, Willenhall,WV13 2AA
8th November 09:00 pm-16:00pm Willenhall Market, Market Place, Willenhall,WV13 2AA

For more detailed information, please see the following link:  https://go.walsall.gov.uk/selective_licensing


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