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Council means business when it comes to envirocrime!

by Ian Shires on 3 December, 2017

Are you fed up with sights like this ?

So are we ! 

Clearing up after folk who see nothing wrong in fly tipping stuff they no longer want robs the rest of us of vital local services to the tune of almost £1/2 million each year!

So we’ve done something about it……

As part of the progressive alliance between ourselves and Labour we have pressed for more to be done to prosecute those responsible for turning our borough into a tip. On the spot fines are in place and successful court action has been taken against the most blatant of offenders.

It’s not been easy. When the Labour/Liberal Democrat alliance took over the running of the council from the Tories following the local elections back in May 2016 the council’s ability to take enforcement action had been reduced to virtually nil. The Tory administration had cut the budgets around enforcement to the bone. Since taking control the alliance has systematically built back capacity in enforcement and streamlined the organisation.

It’s taken almost 18 months but now we are back in the business of enforcement. There is still work to be done, particularly around empty properties which attract fly tipping and remain a blot on the landscape. A report is due to go to cabinet to ensure that there is a fair process in place setting out the priorities to deal with the backlog of grot spots left behind by the Tories.

The systems are now in place to deal with environmental crime (let’s not beat about the bush, that’s what fly tipping and littering is), but we can’t win this battle without your help. Litter and fly tipping turn up all over the place so don’t assume the council is aware of every bit of envirocrime in the borough. See it, report it. Work with us in the fight to catch the irresponsible people who blight our borough with litter and vandalism.

Like the rest of the country, environmental crime is a major issue in the borough and it’s time for everyone to take action; you as residents can play a huge part in catching the culprits.

Eyewitness checklist

  • Remember: do not touch any waste. It may be harmful!
  • Location (area, street name, house number)
  • Day, date and time
  • Type of waste (soil, rubble, furniture, burned-out cars, chemical drums, etc.)
  • Quantity of waste (van-load, truck-load, bags, drums, etc.)
  • Was a vehicle involved? (If so: make and type of vehicle, colour, registration number, noticeable markings eg. telephone numbers)
  • Did you see the person fly-tipping? (If so: can you give a name or description?)
If you see someone dumping waste, be discreet but try to remember some details. The eyewitness checklist above gives you an idea of some of the things it would be good to look out for. You can report fly tipping by emailing Clean & Green at cleanandgreen@walsall.gov.uk or you can contact any of the following telephone numbers with the information you take down:
Walsall Council Contact Centre: 01922 653344
Walsall Council Environmental Health: 01922 653020
Police: 0845 113 5000



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