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Jeremy Corbyn empty-chaired at single market summit

by Ian Shires on 10 January, 2018

This morning a summit took place in Parliament to discuss ways of working together to make sure that the UK stays in the single market on which so many jobs depend.

Our Vince was there

Spot which UK party leader is standing up for British jobs at today’s cross-party summit on staying in the single market and customs union

Here’s @JeremyCorbyn standing up for jobs and young people’s futures at today’s cross-party summit on protecting UK’s place in the single market and customs union


Oh Jeremy Corbyn where are you when it comes to fighting to stay in the Single Market and Customs Union? Represented by an empty chair!

And so a little video did the rounds reminding us all of Jezza’s long standing opposition to the European project.

10 times Jeremy Corbyn failed on Europe

Today Jeremy Corbyn refused to show up for the Single Market Summit and it's not the first time he's failed the British people (and his own members!) on Europe. 🔊 You'll want to watch this with the sound on, trust us.10 times Jeremy Corbyn failed on Europe. Join the real opposition today, join the Liberal Democrats > www.libdems.org.uk/join

Posted by Liberal Democrats on Tuesday, 9 January 2018

And what was he doing while the others were trying to work together on this? Well, backing up Theresa and the Brexiteers by saying we couldn’t be in the single market.

The Labour leader told colleagues that it was not possible to stay in the single market, as he set out his Brexit policy to the parliamentary party on Monday night.

Some within Labour have been increasing calls for Corbyn to listen to the party’s pro-EU membership and commit to staying in the trading bloc.

But Corbyn stressed that this was not an option, as he addressed the reasons why he would not attend a single market summit convened by the Scottish National party’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

Vince welcomed the summit:

This is a good, positive step to parliamentary co-ordination between opposition parties against the Conservative Brexit. There are four parties here who are putting their political differences to one side for the good of the country.

I would urge the Labour leadership to do the same and get involved – their membership and most of their MPs would like them to fight to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union.

Why does this matter? Well, lots of young people voted for Labour thinking that they were opposed to Brexit. Opportunities like today show that the opposite is true. They are supporting the Tory rush to the most irresponsible and disastrous Brexit. We need to make sure that all our Labour voting pro Remain friends know this.

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