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Update on new ALDI store in New Invention

by Ian Shires on 6 February, 2018

Have had some information off ALDI about their plans for their recent acquisition of the retail store in Coppice Farm Way.

A spokesperson has told the Lib Dem FOCUS Team that they are currently looking at best options to develop their store and have confirmed that they are fully committed to bringing a new and exciting Aldi development to the site as soon as possible.

When work will start transforming the old store has yet to be decided but as you can see there is a firm commitment to it happening and soon.

The spokesperson also went onto say that they are looking forward to discussing their plans with the local community when once the options appraisal has been completed.


2 Responses

  1. Rita says:

    Rubbish no information given at all. I live around the corner from this blue hoarding looks a right mess; why was it put up so soon with no action happening there.

    • Ian Shires says:

      Hi Rita
      There is no information because ALDI haven’t released any details yet. It is their site. They own it. It is private land. They put up the blue fencing because of complaints about the site being used by irresponsible anti social people using it to dump rubbish. The fence is not pretty but it’s an improvement on looking out on a tip each day.
      We have contacted them asking them to hurry up with finalising their plans for this eagerly awaited store. We have also informed them that the delay in getting on with it is having a negative effect on people’s views about ALDI. However it is their site and their reputation is being damaged.
      Hope this answers your questions. If not or you would like further clarification, please message me.
      Kind regards

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