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Sticking two fingers up at the establishment. A case for reform.

by Ian Shires on 11 April, 2018

One thing that has clearly come out of this whole sorry mess is that people don’t feel valued. What they think doesn’t matter. Their views don’t count for anything. So was it any wonder that when given the opportunity to stick two fingers up at the establishment they took the opportunity and grasped it with both hands?

The problem is, as we all know, that if eventually we do exit the EU we will have substituted one so called ‘super state’ for another, Brussels for Westminster.

There is a strong case for staying in the EU, but there is an equally strong case not only here in the UK but in other member states for reform and change. This is where any ‘Remain’ based argument breaks down. It smacks of the status quo, business as usual.

As a Democrat I want to be part of Europe. It’s got so much going for it, so much good stuff. But it’s not perfect. So I don’t want to ‘Remain’ in an ever more centrist Europe, I want it to change so that what I think really matters. What I think can actually influence things at the top.

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about Local Councils, Combined Authorities, Regional Assemblies or the Westminster Government; as Democrats we have always argued for power to be devolved. So why should the EU be any different? Base a campaign around that argument and we might, just might, have our cake and eat it.

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