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Negative Tories

by Ian Shires on 3 May, 2018

Published by danielbarker on 29 April, 2018

It seems that after running out of ideas about how they can positively promote themselves, the Conservatives have dug out their rather stale attack on Labour and us for voting through the investment in the Saddlers Centre, an investment which, for what it’s worth has brought in half a million pounds over the past 9 months!

They accuse us of gambling with people’s money – if it’s so bad, why was the investment in Primark so good?

It’s true that all investments could be described as a gamble. If you want to know why a local authority might consider ‘gambling’ with people’s money, you have to look no further than the Express & Star headline included on the same leaflet, which refers to “Cash-strapped Walsall Council”.

I encourage all my blog’s readers to ask any Conservative who knocks on their door why Walsall Council is “Cash-strapped”? If they respond truthfully, they will have to admit it’s because Conservative central government has taken, is taking and will continue to take away most of the funding it receives.

At least we’re trying to do something positive for the Town, not running it down with propaganda about the Saddlers Centre’s “leaky roof and empty shops”! That’s really going to encourage people to spend their money in Walsall isn’t it!!!

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