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Remember to use your vote. Don’t leave it to others they could be leaving it to you!

by Ian Shires on 3 May, 2018

There’s still several hours left to go out and vote, so don’t leave it to others, they may be leaving it you.

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Remember, this is a local election about local issues, and your vote could be the one to decide who runs Walsall Council for the next 12 months. Whether you stick with the current Progressive Alliance administration that’s managed to shield residents from the worst effects of continuing Tory austerity measures, or to hand power to the Tories, the very people who would do Theresa May’s dirty work for her.

Judging by what the Tories have said on their leaflets, if they were to get in they will probably scrap the current locality model, a move which will inevitably lead to deprived areas in the west of the borough (of which Willenhall is one) getting a worse deal than those areas in the leafy east where a lot of their Councillors are based.

And they are trying to confuse people about what these elections mean by heavily featuring a certain Eddie Hughes MP in their literature. Why should Tory local candidates need a seal of approval from a Member of Parliament? Could it be that they need to show that they are towing the Party line? There’s an old saying ‘A fish rots from the head down’.

If you live in Short Heath, only a vote for Ben Hodges will ensure that the Tories don’t take the seat. In Willenhall North only a vote for Carol Fletcher will keep the Tories out.

A vote from you for Ben or Carol will help strengthen the Lib Dem Team on the Council. Only the Liberal Democrats can deliver better services for residents in Short Heath and Willenhall North.

So vote Liberal Democrat. Vote for the Team that actually does work all year round for you! Don’t vote for others that you only see at election time!

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