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The work goes on

by Ian Shires on 16 May, 2018

In spite of all the bad blood down at the Council House in Walsall, back in Willenhall North and Short Heath your Lib Dem Focus Team has carried on doing what we always do; Ward walks to identify issues such as stretches of our roads suffering from the effects of the hard winter we have just experienced.

As a result of our work the Velocity Patcher has been round filling many of the pot holes. if you know of any that might have been missed l us know the locations. (Please remember that we only cover Short Heath and New Invention).

We have also had meetings with Clean and Green about grass cutting. They admitted that due  the very wet and cold weather right up until April they had been late starting the first cut. The grass was so long and still very wet even though we have had a few very warm days.

The grass cutting teams are trying to catch up, and most of our area should now have received its first cut. It’s not pretty as due to funding cutbacks by the Government, Clean and Green continue with the cut and drop method in order to ensure as much grass as possible is cut.

Many of you have said that you would rather less grassed areas be cut if the cuttings could be cleared up after mowing. We’ve an open mind on this. What are your views?

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