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Is there more to councils than emptying bins and cutting grass?

by Ian Shires on 17 May, 2018

I suspect that many of you are not that fussed about who will be the next Mayor of Walsall or for that matter who runs the council as long as you get your bins emptied and your grass cut.

But you know local government is not just about bins and grass cutting as important as that might be. It’s also about how we look after our elderly. It’s about how we look after the interests of those in our community with disabilities. It’s about how we protect vulnerable children and adults. Surely fighting for the rights of individuals must stand for something?

I came into politics because I wanted to make a difference. Unlike some in politics I wanted to ensure that no matter where you were born everyone had an equal opportunity in life, people shouldn’t be victims of their Post Codes.



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  1. David Jordan says:

    I agree with you that ‘people shouldn’t be victims of their Post Codes’ but those who live in the areas of Walsall to the south of the town centre appear to be such victims. We are less well served with doctors than other parts and the decision to sell the site in Broadway North in the council’s ownership appears to deprive us of the health centre that was promised by the commissioning group. No alternative site seems to be available, apart from the previously proposed Jabez Cliff site, which was quite unsuitable and wasrejected. It is reported that you will support the Labour Group in maintaining control of the Council. I have no problem with that in general but am concerned for the future of medical services if the sale of the site concerned proceeds. I think you might consider whether your support for the Council applies to all their decisions.

    • Ian Shires says:

      Hi David
      The decision to go for the Jabez Cliff site for the new Health centre was not in the gift of the Council. It’s the CCG who decides. You have a similar problem to Short Heath in Willenhall, in fact there are no GP practices within that area and in spite of representations to NHS England there are no plans for rectifying this.
      I do understand where you are coming from but no matter what others might say it is down to the NHS and that is not something the Council has any control over. You need to contact the MP for Walsall South as she has more influence than Councillors. Hope this helps.

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