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Tories claim credit for EU Directive giving greater rights to holidaymakers.

by Ian Shires on 3 July, 2018

So the Scottish and Northern Irish schools have broken up and people are starting to head for the sun. Although, to be honest, they might as well have stayed at home this year. I’ll bet you by the time I head to the Highlands at the end of August, the weather will have well and truly broken.

Anyway, I digress. Anyone heading on a package holiday will have greater rights today. This is not because of anything that the Tories have done, although they show they have the brassiest neck in the history of the universe by claiming credit for it.

CCHQ Press Office


We are introducing new rules to protect package holidaymakers and save customers tens of millions of pounds 🏝☀https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-measures-to-protect-10-million-extra-holidays-a-year 

It takes you back to those bad old days of the coalition where the Tories would take credit for everything that was popular – which were mostly Lib Dem ideas.

So it’s not the Tories who brought about this change. It is, in fact, the EU. You know, that fabulous institution they are desperate to leave without even a safety net.

Here’s the proof.

So what rights do we get?

They reckon that 120 million passengers will benefit, saving 430 million euros. If you buy linked products from a single trader, and that operator goes bust, you will be protected.

We also get better cancellation rights and better price protection.

Do share this with any Leave voters you know who like to travel…..

And check out Tory press officers for long noses…

* Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron’s Musings

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