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US needs a birthday present

by Ian Shires on 4 July, 2018

Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Christine Jardine has called on the Conservative Government to give the American people a “proper birthday present” by standing up to President Trump on human rights.

Ms Jardine made her plea as the US celebrates Independence Day on the 4th of July. The Liberal Democrat MP wants the Conservative Government to use President Trump’s visit to the UK next Friday to “promote the shared values between British and American people” and “condemn Trump’s treatment of migrant families and his comments on torture.”

Ms Jardine said: 

“The British and American people have a long history of shared values. Among the drivel and bile spouted by President Trump, those shared values must not be forgotten. Indeed, they must be promoted more than ever before.

“As the US celebrates Independence Day, the UK Government should give the American people a proper birthday gift and stand up to President Trump ahead of his visit to the UK next week.

“As a priority, the UK Government should unequivocally condemn President Trump’s abhorrent immigration policies and his endorsement of torture. This man has repeatedly demonstrated his disregard for fundamental human rights – Theresa May must stand up to this bully-boy”.

* Tahir Maher is a member of the LDV editorial team

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