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The School Run

by Ian Shires on 5 July, 2018

There was an incident this morning where a child was knocked off his scooter by Beacon Primary during the school run this morning.

I’m told there were no serious injuries which is good news and as far as I am aware there appears to be no blame on either party involved, it was an accident. That being said the school run around all our local schools is not good.

We still get many reports from anxious parents and residents who live by our schools across the area, of bad behaviour by some motorists who I am sure given the chance would happily drive their kids up to the door of the classroom if they could.

We all live hectic lives, but there are a few moms and dads who take risks. Parking up on footpaths forcing those with buggies into the road and potential danger. The zig-zag lines outside schools are there for a purpose and that’s not to reserve a parking space for a thoughtless driver. There are many instances of double parking, parking across drives and what in some cases can only be described as abandoning the car rather parking it.

I’m not going to preach about giving yourself enough time for the school run or perhaps walking the kids to school whenever possible. I’d just like you to reflect on what might have been today had the outcome been more serious, and how all those involved might be feeling right now if someone had been seriously hurt.

Be safe


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