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Fly Tipping on Coppice Farm Neighbourhood Park

by Ian Shires on 19 September, 2018

I’ve reported in to Clean and Green the three fridges dumped on Coppice Farm Park behind Hillbury Drive (thanks goes to an eagle eyed resident who let me know).

These fridges may have been left out for the tat man or someone has been slipped a fiver to get rid of them, out of sight out of mind. Either way you need to make sure that white goods like fridges etc are disposed of correctly, you could be contributing to the £500,000 a year it costs to clean up our borough behind those who use our public space as their own personal dust bin. That’s half a million pounds worth of services and jobs we are being robbed of.

Here is the reply just received from Clean and Green. Make a note of the email address for reporting fly tipping in Walsall.

Sent: 19 September 2018 10:29

To: Flytipping <flytipping@walsall.gov.uk>

Subject: Councillor Shires – Flytipping r/o Hillbury Drive

Hi All

I have received a telephone call from Councillor Shires this morning regarding three fly-tipped fridges at the rear of Hillbury Drive, Willenhall. These can only be accessed via Coppice Farm Way or the Linear Walkway. Please arrange for these to be collected.

Kind Regards

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