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Local government finance settlement delayed by Brexit

by Ian Shires on 6 December, 2018


The announcement of the local government funding settlement has been delayed as Parliament looks to grapple with Brexit.

In a statement released this afternoon, communities secretary James Brokenshire said this confirmation was made prior to the meaningful vote on 11 December, and publication will be made following the vote next week.

The announcement will be sure to disappoint local authorities around England, who earmarked the date to consider future spending projects from.

“The Hudson Review into local government finance, governance and processes recommended that the provisional Local Government Finance Settlement be published around 5th December,” Brokenshire wrote.

“I have previously confirmed that I accept this recommendation and would aim to publish the provisional settlement on the 6 December. This confirmation was made prior to the scheduling of the meaningful vote.

“I recognise that my parliamentary colleagues will wish to engage thoroughly in these debates and will also wish to consider the proposed Local Government Finance Settlement for 2019-20.

“I have therefore decided to announce the provisional Local Government Finance Settlement after this protected period, by way of an oral statement. I can confirm that the usual period for making representations on the provisional Local Government Finance Settlement will not be truncated as a result.”

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