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Councils cut funding for treatment services while alcohol-related deaths soar

by Ian Shires on 11 February, 2019

Published on LGA Daily News Headlines 11 February 2019

Nearly 60 per cent of councils have been forced to make cuts to addiction treatment services budgets over the last year, following reductions to public health grants.

Some councils have cut as much as a third of the money set aside to help addicts. The cutbacks come amid record levels of drinking-related deaths and a 13 per cent rise in A&E cases involving alcohol over the past decade.

An LGA spokesperson said councils are committed to ensuring people across the nation can access the right support and treatment, adding: “We have long argued that reductions by central government to the public health grant in local government is a short-term approach and one that will only compound acute pressures for the NHS and other services further down the line.”
Independent Online, Guardian p19

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