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*The loft youth club important news* *Please Read*

by Ian Shires on 11 April, 2019

I received this update yesterday from the organisers of The Loft Youth Club at The Square, New Invention.
I was a Cabinet member and played a part in ensuring that the former New Invention building remained in use for the local community. The outcome of that decision made by the Lib Dem/Labour Cabinet has been vindicated by the success of The Loft Youth Club in engaging with young people across North Willenhall. I wish them every success for the future.
Update from The Loft:-
“So it’s 12 months since opening the youth club and tonight Liam the youth coordinator call us to a meeting to give a update. it’s that time of year where he completes funding applications to replace the funding which will finish and end of year reports for the funders who will continue to fund the provision to 2020.

Tuesday night The Loft Youth club had 42 sessions delivered, 157 individual young people access the session (only counted once) and 1107 engagements (young people count each time they come) Thursday night loft youth club had 44 sessions, 203 individual young people and 2000 engagements of young people. Saturday session have only run from Jan 2019 so data isn’t in yet.
We are please to announce that funding has also been secured for the Tuesday session for 1 year from the active citizens fund.
Going forward we will delivery sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning at the loft. Unfortunately we are going to put a sub of 20p per person per session to attend from Monday 13th May 2019. Staff will only enforce this from this date.
This money isn’t much but starts to show young people that without funding the youth club wouldn’t be able to run. The money collected in subs will go back into the youth club resources.

Sorry for the long post but thought we would share this with you.”

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