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Just what are all these traffic counter pressure tubes on our road surfaces?

by Ian Shires on 13 April, 2019

We have had many enquiries about the numerous temporary video cameras and automated traffic counters (rubber pressure tubes on road surface) along several roads within our area and wider Walsall and neighbouring authorities.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. video cameras in such areas as M6 J10, Aldridge, and A34 relate to obtaining data on traffic movements for to aid designs for future specific schemes such as A34 Sprint, M6 J10 proposed improvements and Aldridge Railway Station, and;
  2. automatic traffic counters (pressure tubes) are on many routes for two reasons,
  • for Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), who are collecting current traffic data for the Cordon counts to inform their traffic modelling systems across the region, and
  • for this Council, where we assess vehicle types, speeds and numbers for all A and B roads on an annual basis and C roads every two years.  This is to identify and inform the prioritisation of road safety schemes when coordinated with road accident data supplied by the police.

I hope that this is helpful. I can  confirm that these cameras are not average speed cameras.  Average Speed Cameras are soon to be installed, the first phase, on A34 from Walsall TC towards M6 J7 in both directions and any speeding will then be enforced by the police.

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