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Nottingham Drive shops – fly tipping

by Ian Shires on 11 October, 2019

Had a phone call the other day off an anxious resident who lives near the Nottingham Drive shops. She phoned to let me know that one of the flats above the shops was being cleared out and some of the contents were being being piled up by the garages.

I reported it straight away to the enforcement team with a view to getting the culprits caught red handed. Hopefully the incident should also have been picked up by the CCTV camera nearby as well.

The next day I went round to take a look and, sure enough, the stuff that had been fly tipped was still there. So much for catching them red handed etc. I took photos and emailed them to the council. I’ve checked this morning with the resident who contacted me in the first place and the area has been cleared.

Good result you might say? Not really. The fly tipping took place Wednesday afternoon, and as of now, midday Friday I have had no feedback.

Were they caught? Don’t know. Was the fly tipped material removed by Walsall Council or did the culprits or someone else remove it having seen me taking photos? Don’t know. Was the event witnessed by the CCTV located nearby? Don’t know.

I have sent an email to the Executive Director asking for his comments

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  1. Maz Noakes says:

    Why am I not surprised? You know already my opinion of the Enforcement Team!

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