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by Ian Shires on 12 October, 2019

Here in Walsall’s West Locality (Bentley: Darlaston: Willenhall) we are looking to build a stronger democracy, one which works for us all, giving people real power to help bring about change in their lives.

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There is a need to make important choices about the society in which we live. But many people believe that democracy isn’t working as it should, our society is divided

Decision-makers are struggling to get things done. People are frustrated because the system isn’t working for them. There is a feeling of mistrust and our current political system doesn’t help, it concentrates power into the hands of a the few leaving the rest of us feeling absolutely powerless. This has to change! There is a need to shift power to the people on issues which affect their lives.

With this in mind the West Strategic Locality Board is organising the first of a series of Community Conversations. It is being held on Wednesday 27th November 2019 at the Bentley Pavilion,(the home of Darlaston Town Football Club), Bentley Road North, Bentley, WS2 0EA. There will be a buffet at 5.30 pm to give people a chance to mingle and the event proper starts at 6.00 pm.

The Community Conversation will discuss & work through the following together to help find solutions:

  • Environment including litter, street parking, noise nuisance, buildings in disrepair, supporting Willenhall & Darlaston Town Centre businesses
  • Anti-Social Behaviour/Fear of Crime: Street Watch, Neighbourhood Watch, Speed Watch and supporting our neighbours
  • Health and Wellbeing: Access to GP services; social isolation; access to services for older and young people; where to go for help in the local community; activities and events locally.

Topic Questions

To get the most out of this event the following questions will be asked:

  • What are the issues and where is the location?
  • What is positive about this issue/location?
  • What are the challenges or weaknesses of the issue/ location?
  • What are the opportunities to improve the issues/location and who can help?

As we get closer to the Community Conversation Event more information will be sent out.

This is your chance to have your say and help to improve our area. Don’t miss this opportunity, secure your place and

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 27th November.


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