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BREAKING: 16,523 schools are still losing out

by Ian Shires on 13 October, 2019

Just received this email from School Cuts. Thought I’d share it with you:-


I’ll get right to it: the school funding crisis is far from over.

When the Prime Minister promised to ‘level up’ school funding, we knew from experience that the devil is in the detail.

So I trawled through the data to calculate exactly how this would affect every school next year — and it’s worse than I thought.

Check if your school is still losing out

It’s now clear that for most schools, the future still looks bleak:
  • 83% of schools still lose out next year because of Government cuts.
  • The cuts affect children in 147 of 150 local authorities in England.
  • 16,523 schools will have less money per pupil in 2020 in real terms than they had in 2015.

The Government’s latest funding announcement falls well short of settling the shortfall for every child, including those with special educational needs.

Crucially, it fails to reverse the cuts our schools have suffered since 2015.

Ian, please share this news widely with others in your community. We need to make sure every parent and teacher knows that the school funding crisis continues – and so does this campaign.
We can’t let up until every school has the money it needs to give every child a decent education.
Together, we can reverse these devastating cuts, once and for all.
Andrew Baisley,

National Education Union

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