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Nottingham Drive eyesore – Anger at slow progress

by Ian Shires on 20 October, 2019

Have just received notification off Planners that a planning application has been received for a car park to the front and sides of the shops on Nottingham Drive.

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The layout of the car park can be viewed at https://bit.ly/2o0CsRB. There is no doubt that a properly surfaced and laid out car park would improve the appearance of this dated 1960’s shopping precinct, this amounts to no more than papering over the cracks. “It won’t resolve the problems of fly tipping and the general appearance of the buildings on the site” said Lib Dem Cllr Ian Shires “There is still a need for the council to take decisive action against the landlords to force them to invest in some long overdue improvements to both the shops and the living accommodation above to make it fit for purpose in the 21st century” said Ian.

Your local Lib Dem Focus Team will continue to press Walsall’s Tory controlled council to resolve once and for all the issue of ownership of the the land surrounding the shops in order to rid the area of this eyesore.

The latest information we have is that the Crown representatives have asked for further information. We are also pressing the Council to take action against the landlords due to the appalling condition of the rear of their premises.

Recently residents witnessed fly tipping taking place following a clearance of one of the deck flats. In spite of contacting Walsall Council’s Enforcement team they failed to respond to a situation where those who were committing the offence would have been caught red handed. Then when we asked if the incident had been recorded by the Dome Hawk CCTV which had been placed specifically to monitor the site the council’s response was less than encouraging. The image, they said was not good enough to enable those involved or the vehicle registration to be identified!

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