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Council Car Park, Coltham Road – Update

by Ian Shires on 2 December, 2019

For some time now I have been badgering Walsall Council to sort out the flooding and resurface the Council owned car park in Coltham Rd.

Back in early November they carried out an inspection and agreed that work would be carried out. However what they were proposing falls well short of what is needed to resolve the issues.

The cause of the flooding is well know and well documented. The current drainage is woefully inadequate to deal with the amount of water that flows into the single drain in the centre of the car park. To remedy this would take a major rebuild of the drainage system and a full resurfacing of the car park.

Due to cut backs, there is insufficient funding to do the work needed at this time so they proposed to fill the potholes. An order was placed with the contractor (Tarmac) two to three weeks ago. Since then I have pressed for them to get the works done.

Today I have had confirmation that, weather permitting, they will do the work on Friday of this week. I have responded asking that if possible the work should be done by Wednesday as the weather forecast for the end of the week is not good, more rain!

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