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First of a series of feed backs from November’s Community Conversation

by Ian Shires on 10 December, 2019

At the West Locality Community Conversation on the 27 November we said we would give feedback as and when it became available.

This is the first such feedback and it concerns anti social behaviour.

Those who attended the meeting said that there was a lack of information about who to report anti social behaviour to. Should it be reported to the Police? Walsall Council? Or someone else?

There are a range of places you might like to try reporting anti social behaviour to before escalating it to the police:

If you are a tenant of one of the Housing Associations which operate in the West Locality (Willenhall/Darlaston/Bentley), you should initially report matters to your landlord:-

  • Walsall Housing Group (WHG) 0300 555 6666
  • Accord Housing 0121 568 3900
  • Heantun Housing Association 01902 571 100

Private sector residents can report matters directly to Walsall Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Unit: Telephone (01922) 653060 or Email communityprotection@walsall.gov.uk  It may be possible that one of the following council departments can assist in the first instance:

  • Environmental Health 01922 653010
  • Clean and Green 01922 653344
  • Trading Standards 01922 653040
  • Walsall Mediation 01922 637713

If you have an ongoing Policing issue affecting you or your area, a report should be made to the Neighbourhood Police Team using 101 or Live Chat https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/contact-us  If your problem is an emergency, an immediate call to 999 would be appropriate.

In addition we actively encourage you all to sign up to West Midlands Now (WMNow). WMNow is a Free Community messaging system from West Midlands Police.

  • It delivers up to date information from police and partners direct to your inbox.
  • It provides updates on crime, local news, appeals, safety advice and it is free to sign up to the WMNOW site.
  • Sign in via: https://www.wmnow.co.uk/

West Midlands Police can always use an extra pair of eyes and ears in our neighbourhoods. They are encouraging local people to join StreetWatch (West Midlands Police):

  • Have you got what it takes to become a StreetWatch member
  • Get in touch with your local police team or StreetWatch. Member must be between 18-80 years of age. Volunteers patrol in pairs or larger groups if the numbers are available. Interested? Then contact: Neighbourhood Police Team Tel: 101 Ext 889 6111 Email darlaston@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk or willenhall@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk

Hope you have found this information helpful. Further up-dates will be provided on a regular basis culminating in another Community Conversation meeting during March 2020

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