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Energy customers hit by backdated bills

by Ian Shires on 10 January, 2020

You may have heard/seen in the news a disturbing storey about some energy customers receiving what’s know as “back bills” for large amounts from their energy provider.

Attachment with no descriptionCitizens Advice Walsall have posted the following drawing attention to the problem and offering advice to anyone locally.

They also point out that from May 2018, energy firms were banned from back-billing domestic customers for energy used more than 12 months ago pointing to a BBC News item: https://t.co/0uBuuPycO3?amp=1

Citizens Advice Walsall@WalsallCAB go on to say – If you or someone you know have issues with energy debts – then we can help. Call us on 01922 700644 leave your name, contact number & brief details of your issue. You can also contact our Money Advice team by email if you prefer on: moneyadvice@cab.walsall.org.uk

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