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We are living in dangerous times

by Ian Shires on 10 January, 2020

The assassination of a key Iranian leader, General Suleinami, ordered by President Trump, has raised tensions across the Middle East.

It’s too early to know if the inevitable if unacceptable Iranian response will lead to further US retaliation but huge diplomatic efforts must be made now to de-escalate.

Britain must continue to work with European allies to lead that diplomacy.

And to help reduce tensions, Prime Minister Johnson must rule out British involvement in any attack on sites in Iran.

Image result for ed davey mp parliament“We must not allow President Trump to drag the UK into yet another war, like Iraq” said Ed Davey the acting Leader of the Liberal democrats

Liberal Democrats were right to lead the opposition to the Iraq War – which proved so damaging to peace and security across the Middle East.

Now we must remember the lessons of that illegal war.

Boris Johnson’s unwillingness to stand up firmly as a critical friend to the White House is lamentable.

Liberal Democrats will continue to hold the Conservatives to account if they yet again fail to show true leadership and fail to follow international law and a strategy of engagement in the Middle East, side-by-side with our European partners.

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