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Garden waste collections – Pressure mounts to resume fortnightly collections

by Ian Shires on 21 May, 2020

Pressure is mounting on Walsall’s Tory administration to re-start fortnightly collections of garden waste once the current backlog has been cleared.

Walsall was one of the few Councils in this part of the West Midlands to suspend its garden waste collections as a result of the CORVID-19 emergency. This has caused much resentment by Council Tax payers as many in our area live opposite or near properties which come under Wolverhampton City Council and South Staffs Borough Council both of which have maintained their garden waste collection throughout.

It is expected that later today Walsall’s Tory Cabinet will be making an announcement as to if and when the service will resume.

Keep your eyes pealed on the Council’s website for details:


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