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Travellers Update – New Invention Jnr School Playing Fields, Essington Road.

by Ian Shires on 30 June, 2020

The process to move the travellers off the unauthorised encampment on the school playing field in Essington Rd is underway.

I was informed by residents in the area late yesterday afternoon. I emailed the Chief Executive of Walsall Council and the Executive Director with responsibility for the Environment. Both were acknowledged and acted upon.

This morning I have spoken with the Executive Director and the Director responsible for Community Protection who is leading the operation. I have made them aware of the points raised by residents and your concerns about how they got onto the site in the first place, along with the anti social behaviour that has occurred since including incidents last night at The Square shopping precinct on the Lichfield Rd. West Midlands Police are investigating the circumstances leading up to the incursion and those which have occurred subsequently.

I have spoken with the Head of New Invention Jnr who is devastated by the damage that has been done. It’s important now to concentrate efforts to get the travellers off this site as soon as is humanly possible and to ensure that a plan is in place to ensure that the travellers do not just move onto another unauthorised site in the locality. It’s also important that a plan is put in place to secure the site so that no further incursions take place.

I have asked for leaflets to be delivered in the area which will explain the process that has to be followed in accordance with the Government Legislation when dealing with unauthorised encampments.

I will keep you updated on progress.


2 Responses

  1. Nigel Dutton says:

    Quick question why is there is a police car alongside the entrance to the fields allowing the train of travellers entering . Surly driving in front of the entrance would have thwarted additional entrants

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