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Council Tax 2021/22

by Ian Shires on 21 February, 2021

Walsall Council meets this coming Thursday to determine the Budget for 2021/22. The council is run by the Tories who currently hold 32 seats out of the total of 60. the Tory Cabinet of 9 met a couple of weeks ago to rubber stamp their proposals for the budget. they are recommending a 4.99% increase to Council Tax. As they have a working majority it is expected all 32 Tory Councillors will back the 4.99% increase.
Council Tax is unsustainable, and worst of all, it takes no account of peoples ability to pay and impacts most on those who can least afford it. Nationally, Liberal Democrats are campaigning to replace Council Tax with a Local Income Tax.
Local income tax is based on your ability to pay, and will save households on average £900.
You can help bring about change by signing the petition at
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