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Help shape health and social care services in Walsall for the Future 

by Ian Shires on 4 April, 2021

Are you a resident of Walsall living with a long term health condition such as Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, a Heart Condition or Mental Health issues? Do you want to help shape how Health and Social care Services are delivered for people in Walsall? Then this is your opportunity to join other service users across Walsall to do just that.

Healthwatch Walsall have been commissioned by Walsall NHS Healthcare Trust and its partners to support them in delivering a programme of change in health and social care, by making sure providers know what the views are of people in Walsall about using health and social care services. The programme is called Walsall Together. 

They are holding their next Service User Group meeting at 11am on Tuesday 13th April using ZOOM and would welcome people who have a long-term health condition or carer / representative to participate. It’s a great opportunity for people to help shape health and social care services for the future and Your Views are really important.

Please find the joining link below


Passcode  Passcode   221478

Published and promoted by Stuart Hodges on behalf of Ian Shires all at 33 Stretton Rd Willenhall WV12 5EJ

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