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 Liberal Democrats launch their May election campaign 

by Ian Shires on 7 April, 2021

Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey has officially launched the Liberal Democrats Local Elections campaign. Ed, at the Lib Dems digital launch, asked voters to send a message to the Conservatives at Westminster and in Walsall to do more to support local communities across Willenhall. 

Delivering his launch speech he said: “By voting Liberal Democrats this May you will be telling this Conservative Government to cut taxes for small businesses and invest more to create a greener, cleaner and more supported neighbourhoods.”

Liberal Democrats nationally have announced plans for a locally-led green transition, backed by £48bn pounds of investment. Leader Ed Davey has also called on the government to help struggling small businesses by slashing national insurance contributions (NICs) for small firms by quadrupling the employment allowance from £4,000 to £16,000.

Ed Davey has pitched the Liberal Democrats as champions of local communities across the country. He said:

“The question facing every voter at these local elections, in every community, across our country is this: do you want to keep hold of this precious rediscovery of our community? Liberal Democrats do. Because Liberal Democrats have always been about community.

“If the Conservatives were really committed to rebuilding local communities, they should be giving small businesses a tax cut to take on more staff and radically reforming business rates. But only the Liberal Democrats have clear plans to do that.

“If the Conservatives were really committed to cleaner, greener communities for our children, they would have launched a bold new investment partnership plan for a green recovery with every local community. But only the Liberal Democrats have set out plans for a locally-led green transition, backed by forty-eight billion pounds of investment.

“So, on May 6th, people have a fantastic opportunity to back their community, by backing people who believe in their community, people who will act for and with their community – their Liberal Democrat candidate.”

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson Cllr Ian Shires for Willenhall North added:

“Voters across this borough of ours have a real choice this May, they can either choose the Conservatives who don’t care about our local community or local community champions with the Liberal Democrats who get things done.

Lib Dems will stand up for a fairer, greener more caring Council. 

By voting Liberal Democrat on Thursday May 6th, you’ll get a local champion who listens to local people, supports local priorities, and puts your community first, in order to tackle inequality and work with you to build a Cleaner, Greener Willenhall.

Published and promoted by Stuart Hodges on behalf of Ian Shires and Dan Barker all at 33 Stretton Road, Willenhall WV12 5EJ

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