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The rot goes deeper than Johnson – call for a General Election say local Lib Dems

by Ian Shires on 13 January, 2022

Walsall Liberal Democrats are calling for a General Election in the wake of recent revelations about parties in the grounds of No10. Feedback from local people of all ages points to the anger and resentment being felt.

Recent events are not just about Johnson; they are not just about the Cabinet or the Government machine that he leads. This disrespect for the common good the Tories at Westminster have engendered makes all elected Tories complicit, they have become toxic and unelectable. A change of Leader won’t do, there needs to be a total clear out.


Every Tory Leader from Thatcher through to Johnson has shifted the Party further and further to the right making them nationalistic, dividing our society. Their mantra has been small government, deregulation in the name of self help giving tax breaks and favours to the privileged whilst reducing the safety net of welfare to those most vulnerable in our society including the elderly and low paid.

Back in the 1970’s CEO’s of large companies made 30 times more than the average worker; it now exceeds 300 times more. Over the same time period productivity has increased but, whereas the rewards to middle and lower paid workers remained virtually stagnant, those to executives and shareholders dramatically increased their share. This has led to increased inequality manifesting itself in the resentment which led to Brexit vote in 2016 and the election of Johnson in 2019.
Both Johnson and the Tory Party have been down this path before, they have dusted themselves off, and come back into power. We can’t allow them this luxury again. Now Johnson and his crowd have been found out, they must not be allowed to wriggle out of this situation, we must not let him and his cronies off the hook again.

Some years ago I was told there is no sentiment in politics. When you have your opponent down, make sure they don’t get up again, else you will live to regret it. Calling for Johnson’s resignation is not enough, it will allow them to remain in power for another three years. We need to seize the moment, make it our moment and call for an immediate General Election.

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