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Finally we get to hear from our Conservative elected representatives on Walsall Council.

by Ian Shires on 29 April, 2022

Almost 12 months in from last year’s local election in May 2021 the Conservatives have put out a couple of leaflets just in time for the next local election in a weeks time. Next Thursday, the 5th May 2022 to be precise.

How do you know when to trust statistics? - BBC IdeasI caught a glimpse of this belated activity as an elderly gentleman trudged wirily on his rounds past my house. My thoughts were, this is too little too late, and whatever happened to the current Councillor whose term of office is just about to finish? Not a mention, it’s like he never existed, even though he had represented the area since 2018 and for most of that time had been a part of the Conservatives elite Cabinet Team, picking up extra allowances on top of his basic Councillors allowances. (Pity they can’t erase the current Prime Minister, Johnson from his lofty perch in the same way).

But I digress. Leafing through their election leaflet I see that the new candidate is a local resident, but it doesn’t say where he lives or how you might contact him. Never the less, he’s in the lead photo opportunity on the front page with the remaining two Conservative Councillors for the area. Ironically they are standing outside the shops in Nottingham Drive which they have been promising to clean up since 2015. They also promised a new car park there which has yet to materialise.

Moving on, there are three more photo opportunities claiming that they are “Keeping Communities Cleaner” If they are, then it’s not round here. Most of that kind of work is being done by a stoic group of local residents who litter pick the area. “Supporting Communities”  comes next. OK , so they’ve held a couple of coffee mornings. The photo opportunity for this shows them standing outside of a community facility run by the Church, oh and it’s actually in Short Heath ward, not Willenhall North.

Next up was, “Tackling derelict sites”. Here they talk about delivering 2 new train stations, one in Darlaston, the other in Willenhall. Only issue here is that when this was first announced by the MP, West Midlands Mayor and the Deputy Leader of Walsall Council both new train stations were supposed to be up and running in time for the Commonwealth Games. They are nowhere near completion yet. The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham are due to start end of July so I’d say that’s another promise broken.

The back of the leaflet shows further photo opportunities showing their “record of progress” since 2019 much of which has little or nothing to do with Willenhall North. Not much to be proud of is it, especially as there have been Conservative Councillors in our area since 2015 and that they have been running the Council since 2018.

Add to that the fact that Conservatives have been in power at Westminster since 2015 and through the West Midlands Mayor, they have been in charge at Regional level since 2017, there record of action here in Willenhall North is pretty pathetic. All bluster, no action, bit like a lame dog Prime Minister we all know.

It’s time they went. It’s not good for our Democracy to have one political party in control at all levels of government. You have the power to begin to change things. On Thursday May 5th send a strong message to the Government. Enough of your broken promises and your false claims. We want you out.

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