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Controversial Laws rammed through Parliament

by Ian Shires on 4 May, 2022

The Elections Bill gained Royal Assent this week (thereby becoming the Elections Act). šŸ—³

Why is there no PMQs today? When Boris Johnson will next face Prime  Minister's Questions after local elections

This Act introduces the need for photographic id even though the number of cases of impersonation is ridiculous small, this is really about disenfranchising some the of poorest and most marginalised in society.

The Act also reduces voter choice by removing preference voting from Mayoral and PCC elections.

At the same time the Government is watering down the powers and independence of the Electoral Commission.

None of this is good news.

Once again England steps out of line. Not is it the only Home Nation to be under direct rule from Westminster; Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all have their own Assemblies, now England has abandoned every vote counts as Tories force through Legislation to move away from proportional representationĀ  for the Elected Mayoral and Police and Crime Commissioner elections. This will favour the Party in power, concentrate even more power at Westminster and puts us on the slippery slope to Autocracy and Dictatorship. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This needs to be stopped. The people of England need to wake up to the dangers they are facing allowing Johnson and his Tory cohorts to get away with running roughshod over our hard won Democracy. Tomorrow’s elections are a watershed moment. Let it pass and their may well be no way back.

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