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Rees-Mogg Farage comments: Sunak must suspend the whip

by Ian Shires on 15 May, 2024


Jacob Rees-Mogg's eccentric side hides a far more sinister political animal  | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

Responding to Jacob Rees-Mogg suggesting that Nigel Farage be taken into the Conservative Party and made a Minister, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper MP said:

The Conservative Party is a shambolic mess. Rishi Sunak’s MPs are in open revolt and he does not have the backbone to stand up to them.

If the Prime Minister had any bottle he would suspend the whip from Rees-Mogg and rule out Nigel Farage being allowed into the Conservative Party.

The public is sick to the back teeth of this endless Conservative soap opera as they watch the NHS crumble, filthy sewage pumped into their waterways and their mortgages spiral.

Rishi Sunak should put us all out of our misery and call a General Election.

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  1. Brian BALLYN says:

    And rob the pensioner give them 850 pounds but take of them all the extra pounds in income TAX community charge water and muck monkey cost of living and the car insurance and all the other things you need to live has taken all the money and are out of pocket so you quite a bit out of pocket

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